Hailey D.

My name is Hailey and I have been working in the animal care industry for the last three years. I have a thirteen year old rescued Terrier Mix named Katie and a three year old Siberian Husky named Nitro at home.

Ever since I was younger I have always had a passion for animals and pet care. Along side that passion was one for art and anything creative. I decided that dog grooming was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge on pet wellness while combining my love for all things creative to make the pet feel and look great. I look forward to all the unique breeds and opportunities that come my way throughout the 10 weeks and can’t wait to see how much I grow each week as a groomer.

Molly M.

      Hello, I'm Molly and I am so excited to have started my pet grooming journey at the Cleveland Grooming Academy. I inherited my love of animals from my Dad at an early ager and look forward to perfecting my craft to help every animal look and feel their best.  I graduated from Kent State University with my bachelors in 2017. I am 6 and live in Hudson, OH with my Mom, Dad, and Australian cattle dog/ border collie mix Bindi.

Amber R.

I wanted to do dog grooming so I can work with animals all day. When I graduate I am thinking about starting my own dog grooming business in Canton. 

Crystal H.

       Hey everyone my name is Crystal Hess. I am 39 years young 😆and I live in Broadview Hts. Ohio. I have 4 beautiful crazy animals Daisy age 13 my miniature Pincher, Lola my 17 year old Rat terrier, and my two Maine coons Hazel age 13 and her baby girl Rolly age 10. As you all can see I have a deep passion for animals. 

      Ever since I was a little girl I had many animals and would help my dad with grooming are poodles, sheltie, and just had it in my blood. I have a lot of passions but animals and taking care of them is on the top of my list. I have been a care taker all my life and took care of both my parents till they passed 🌹❤🙏. Now I feel that my next chapter in my life is caring for animals. I chose grooming because Animals love you unconditionally and there's no other love like it and if I can bring that beauty out then there is no other option. 

         I have a hunger and a drive so deep for it but my knowledge falls short so I am very excited about learning about all the different breeds of dogs and what there origin is. I am amazed on the levels, of how different each and every dog is and how differently to care for each one Most of all I want to learn all the proper ways to groom them and make sure that my knowledge is on track for there well being ❤.

          I love to see them when they are finished and looking fabulous and they know it lol. Makes me feel such joy knowing that they feel good and are healthy and happy. After I get my certification I want to mobile groom for awhile then plan to open up a salon for pets and and people but if that doesn't pan out I want to stay mobile grooming and do creative styling as well. 

         I love the beauty world as well and also have another business in makeup and skincare so I want to eventually combine the two and create something unique. I am a caretaker that's my life that's my purpose 😊and I am honored to be apart of such an amazing school with amazing talented teachers🥰 Thank you so much and God Bless 🙌.